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Comedy Webseries

Webseries shooting continues for Serita Productions "Friends with Benefits". I'm shooting and Co-Directing. 

Shooting a couple instagram vids for Hutch, a startup here in LA

Shot and did sound for Normal Gays

Short Film I shot "Drunk Goggles". 

Sundance Finalist Pitch Video for "Murder Show" I shot and did sound on. 

Webseries Pilot Episode I Directed and Shot. 

WebSeries I'm shooting for Serita Productions "Friends with Benefits".

"F*** You Guru Raj" Sketch I shot and did sound on

I had the pleasure of doing an impromptu shoot at UCB with the amazing Michelle Collins and Paul Scheer

Shot, edit and color for Lost Hairdressers

Our fundraising campaign for the Feature Film "Paradox Lost" was a Success! This is the Kickstarter video I shot, edited and co-produced.

Sad Gals, Webseries I shot and directed

Fun how-to video I did for Quasar Science LED.

Sketch I shot and directed

Recent edit for Lost

Instructional Video for iphone - - I shot this on a canon 5d m3 and I also did all the post production.  I did mostly everything in After Effects.  Music was provided by the great Silas Hite.  

Promo Video for All Green Recycling. I produced, shot, did all post production on this video.  You can also hear my Voice in there too for the Voice Over! 

Director of Photography/ Assistant Director - Drama - Short - Shot on Red Epic


I recently shot and edited a video for a Stanford Bio-Design Applicant.  There are good people in this world and this man is one of them. 

*** I just heard that he's a finalist!! Amazing!! 


Really fun promo for a very talented rapper.

"The Apology" is our latest AreYouChoking Video. It's a Horror-ish Comedy? We're not sure.  All we know is we love it!! Shot on the Blackmagic pocket Cinema Camera! 


I started writing and shooting this series many moons ago.  I was looking for something to shoot recently and came upon the old scripts.  I started laughing, that's when I knew I wanted to start shooting this series again.  Here's the first episode of that series. 


"Celery is Disgusting" is a Web Series in it's second season, written, produced and acted by Nasry Malek. We shoot in North Hollywood CA. I shoot everything on a Canon 5d m3. I also do all the post production on this series.